Womens World Day of Prayer 2020

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World Day of Prayer 2020 Rise Take your Mat and Walk

Prayer Call - Women’s World Day of Prayer takes place at the beginning of March every year. In 2020 millions of women gathered globally to pray for Zimbabwe. Use this link to find out more about the day of prayer https://worlddayofprayer.net/index.html 

The prophetic word from the nation of Zimbabwe is “Rise! Take up your Mat and Walk”. Extract from the Worship Service 2020: “Jesus empowers us to be made well by doing something for the transformation that God is offering—to rise and take up our mat, whatever that may be for us, and walk. Jesus empowers us to choose to be healed, to be made whole, perhaps physically, mentally, spiritually, and socially. When we are made whole, we are reconciled to God, to ourselves, and to our community. When we are reconciled, we can truly love, and when we truly love, we are able to walk toward peace. So, “Rise! Take up your mat and walk.”

We would love to hear about your response to these prophetic words as we seek healing of the nations. Are you prepared to pick up that mat and move where God is moving? Please do share from the heart to connect women’s hearts to each other and to God.


This year is the 90th celebration of the event in South Africa. We attended a service at the local Anglican church in Kmepton Park on the Saturday morning. Three young girls carried boards to represent the message of love, peace and reconciliation. During the service we confessed that we see women and children suffering in poverty, hunger and violence. May God have mercy on us when we fail to love and unite those divided by ethnic, language, or political views. We listened to a challenging message on the theme Rise! Take your mat and walk. Our mat can become our comfort zone. We use so many excuses to avoid change. Lord, hear our prayer and sustain us as we seek healing and forgiveness.