Story of Hope - Reconciliation through God's Word - July/August 2021

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Reconciliation Through God’s Word

by Maribeth Hynnes Stevens, TWR Women of Hope volunteer

Conflicts in families are inevitable. It is impossible for people to live together and not disagree. When disagreements get out of hand, they interfere with family life, cause damage to marriages and other relationships, and stop us from being united as God intended.

An example is the marriage of Mrs. Chan* and her husband from Cambodia. They argued so much that they no longer simply talked with each other. Their relationship changed when the couple began listening to the Women of Hope radio programme and heard through the teaching of God’s Word how to live together in harmony.

Mrs. Chan said, “I learned from the programme [on conflict] that if you are a mother or father, we have to be responsible, respectful, tolerant and helpful so our children will have a good example to follow.”

Now she understands how a “sweet word” may help soothe things in a disagreement. The lesson on conflict prompted the couple to apologize to each other before their elder group—a good reminder that our God specializes in the reconciliation of conflicts among genders, racial groups, family members and all members of the body of Christ.

Another story of God’s grace is told by Mira,* a woman in India whose husband had an extramarital affair for 12 years. Through a Women of Hope broadcast, Mira learned that she should pray for her husband.

“I decided to battle out all of my problems in prayer. I placed every burden and pain into God’s hand. … God’s power intervened, and eventually he was delivered from the bondage [of his own sin].”

When we devote ourselves to obeying God’s Word and to praying, God is faithful to change lives.

* Names have been changed to protect the listeners’ privacy.

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