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I am already a Christian but ....

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I am already a Christian, but the way that you are using the Word of God in your programme is amazing and it is touching my heart in a different way. For this reason, I cannot miss this programme. But I am writing because my mom does not understand the Portuguese language. I ask if it is possible for you to make the programme in the Tsonga language. There are women who never went to school. So please make sure that this programme can be made in Tsonga also. (Laura de Bagamoio).

Guiding my life

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I am V. F. and I am living in Bagamoio. Congratulations for the “Mulher de Esperanca” programme. I am blessed by your advisor and the counselling that you are bringing in each programme. I can’t miss this programme—any programme—because it is guiding my life.

An Active Listener in Ethiopia

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A is an active listener from Araari. He is blind and received Jesus Christ as his own personal Saviour through our YDCS Women of Hope radio programme. His background is another religion, and he is persecuted by his family because of his Christianity. His family have not yet received Jesus Christ as their own Saviour. He is the only one from the family who became a Christian.

A family helped

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Student D. responded to us. He said that our radio programme has helped a family who have family problems in their marriage. He always took his radio to that family and made them listen to our radio programmes when we were teaching on family issues and family life. The problem in that family was solved and the marriage was restored. It encouraged us to serve in our ministry. We are also getting response from other listeners indicating that many family issues are solved through our teachings through the radio programme. 

The Heart of TWR

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"For a body to function it needs a heart. It is safe to say that TWR Women of Hope is the heart of the body of TWR. We hear with our ears but we listen with our heart, [and] through TWR Women of Hope, TWR has heard the cries of women and children in the remotes place of Africa - whose ears can't wait to hear the word of hope and whose hearts are dying to listen to the Word of God. This ministry of women helps TWR’s message of hope be passed out to the generation to come. In Africa alone, there are more than 15 branches listening to the cries of women and children and bringing it in submission to the Lord."  by Bafo Mnikina