Prayer calendar - April 2021

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God wants to restore your soul, the very centre of who you are, the real you.
That may be the most important lesson you’ll absorb as we contemplate together TWR Women of Hope’s focus word for 2021—restore—and its key Scripture, Psalm 23: 1–3.

You will discover that God wants to draw you to himself and teach you how to live with him and with others so that your soul is continually fed and supported.

But how do you do this soul care in a practical way? In his blog post “19 Ways to Care for Your Soul During Stay-at-Home COVID-19,” Leadership Transformations President Steve Macchia shared these timeless truths for use in any season.*

Pray – now more than ever, we need to be in prayer entrusting our hearts, lives and concerns to God’s loving hands.

Walk – sheltering inside days on end will contribute to sadness, boredom, fear and obsession; take a daily walk.

Rest – pay attention to your body and get much-needed rest; perhaps a daily nap will keep your whole person fresh.

Play – maybe it’s time to get out puzzles or board and card games to engage with a loved one in a relaxed pursuit.

Write – write a note, craft a poem, start a journal or simply put words on paper describing the state of your soul.

Read – starting with the Bible, Christian materials, and perhaps a novel or self-help book, read purposefully and restfully.

Create – contemplative creative play is worthwhile, bringing to life that other side of productivity: colour, paint, mould clay, take photos.

Cook – instead of eating manufactured instant foods, pull out a fun, easy (or even more complex) recipe and enjoy a good meal or treat.

Call – texts, email and social media aren’t the only ways to stay in touch with friends and loved ones; pick up the phone and call.

Serve – a neighbour nearby surely needs an act of kindness and grace; ask God to lead you to do something simple for another.

Forgive – in our busyness, we often ignore our anger and conflicts with others; ask God if it’s time to forgive and move on.

Laugh – we need good news to counter the sad news; give yourself permission to be light-hearted since laughter is good for the soul.

Notice – with open space and fewer responsibilities (unless you’re on the front lines of medicine, etc.), observe springtime popping out around you.

Hope – in times of hardship and sadness, look in God’s Word for hope and comfort to keep you moving forward.

Declutter – take it one room, drawer, file, etc., at a time, purposing to simplify, clear out and dust off what’s been ignored.

Slow – reduce your pace and watch how your world slows down with you; linger over tasks, lessen the load and live more fully.

Thank – lean fully into gratitude, for it will heal and strengthen you like few other attitudes; as you practice thankfulness, your heart will swell with joy.

Listen – practice the fine art of listening, to God and to others, not competing with or correcting them.

Love – the most important soul care involves loving God and loving your neighbour as yourself; love will empower us through this season.

Edited and used with the permission of Leadership Transformations

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