History of TWR Women Of Hope

The ministry of TWR Women of Hope started originally with the name of Project Hannah and was founded by Marli Spieker in 1997. Marli’s story is a testimony of obedience to God’s instruction and reflects her trust, love and hope in His sovereign will. You can read Marli’s story in Chapter 1 of the book “When Hope Wins”.

In a shopping mall in Singapore Marli sees a sight that grieves her spirit and she cries out, “God! How can this be?” From that day God started to make Marli aware of the plight of women around the world and she learned that not only is the world a dark and dangerous place for countless women, but the spiritual darkness in which these women live is even greater than their physical plight. Marli knew that she had an unshakeable burden to help suffering women all over the world.

God uses willing vessels. So began a work for the Lord that has led to a global ministry for women. The strategy for Project Hannah was sealed in Marli’s heart there in the mall. God revealed to Marli the use of radio in a new light and the understanding that prayer not only supports the work, but prayer is the work.

We have witnessed the miracles in the lives of women from many cultures and walks of life as a direct result of prayer and culturally relevant radio programmes. The stories of the women testify to the change of their heart, the healing of their bodies, minds and emotions that affects relationships in their families and restores their dignity. It is very humbling to see God’s redemptive work succeed on such a tremendous scale.

In February 2016 Marli passed the leadership baton to Dr. Peggy Banks. Marli met Peggy in 2009 and considered Peggy to be a suitable candidate for the position of global ministry director. Since January 2015, Peggy was aware that God has already been preparing a new position for her to serve Him and women around the world. In September 2015 Peggy received a phone call to ask her to consider the position as a successor for Marli.

Peggy’s heart is touched by what God is doing through the prayer ministry. “To have over 60 000 intercessors praying in 125 countries in 95 languages is quite astonishing.” Peggy’s prayer for the future is that God’s hand will still be guiding and directing our hearts and steps toward women knowing more about Jesus and who they are as children of God, for women to know that they are treasured by Jesus and have a purpose in all they are doing in their spheres of influence.

Built upon this legacy of the faithful prayer and support of countless women, TWR Women of Hope is continuing to grow and reach a new generation of women ready to embrace and share the transformative power of Jesus.