Prayer during Ramadan 2021

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30 days of prayer


You are invited to pray with us during the 30 days of Ramadan from 12 April to 12 May 2021.

We pray for Muslims; Ramadan is all about seeking after God, and so we ask that God will reveal His true self through Jesus to Muslims who are searching for the Truth!

We also have the opportunity to stand with our brothers and sisters around the world in prayer—asking God to protect and bless believers living and worshiping in places where their faith in Jesus makes them stand out this month.

And finally, we have the chance to remind fellow Christians that they are not alone—that God has not left them and that He will give them the courage and boldness to stand for Him and His gospel.

You are welcome to download a prayer journal generously offered by Open Doors.

Each page of this special prayer journal prompts you to pray for a particular region or situation. There is a page for each day of Ramadan, a place to write your prayers and a scripture for meditation (all scripture passages are New International Version, unless otherwise indicated).

We are grateful for your prayers, and we ask that God will do mighty works during the month.