A21 Walk for Freedom 2021

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Dear Friends,

You are invited to participate in the event arranged by the non-profit global organization, A21, that seeks to reach, rescue and restore people caught in the bondage of human trafficking. On 16 October 2021 they are sponsoring a worldwide fundraising and awareness event called Walk for Freedom. People all over the world walk in solidarity with the purpose of bringing awareness and action in the fight against human trafficking.

To find out more about this organization, A21, click on this link, and locate a walk where you can register to join others on the day. You are welcome to share this information. This is a wonderful opportunity to engage with others in conversation about human trafficking and network with other organizations.

TWR Women of Hope are working in conjunction with other organisations to bring solutions in the countries and communities where we work and messages of hope to the people who have been abused. We encourage you to contact us to find out more about the programmes like Hidden Treasures or contact us if you know of survivors of human trafficking that require trauma counseling.

Be sure to read A Word of Hope for October written by Miia da Silva, the Regional coordinator for Europe and CAMENA for TWR Women of Hope, regarding the topic of Human Trafficking.


Together we can make a difference.